Mentor, A Siemens Business UX Designer - 8271 in Newbury, United States

UX Designer - 8271


Company: Mentor Graphics

Job Title: UX Designer - 8271

Job Location: UK - Newbury

Job Category: R&D/Software Engineering

Job Duties:

The successful candidate will be responsible for enabling the design of compelling experiences for users of our products. They will possess strong creative, technical and problem-solving skills. They will be responsible for shaping how the products are designed, both through direct contribution and coaching and collaboration with product groups.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting usability testing
  • Helping product teams creating wireframes and storyboards as well as developing them themselves
  • Helping product teams develop user personas and mapping their metal models of the tasks
  • Analyzing user feedback and activity, and iterating to enhance the user experience
  • Work closely with our UI framework development team to ensure all product groups have access to flexible UI components that be composed into engaging experiences
  • Creating collateral and guidance to support the institutionalisation of the above activities in our product design process
  • Create icons and splash screens as required

Job Qualifications:


  • The successful candidate will have experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as wire-framing and story boarding tools (from Powerpoint to their own preferences).

Professional experience and skills:

  • Ideally 2-3 years proven experience.