Mentor, A Siemens Business Lead Member Technical Staff - 7069 in Noida, India

Lead Member Technical Staff - 7069


Company: Mentor Graphics

Job Title: Lead Member Technical Staff - 7069

Job Location: India - Noida

Job Category: R&D/Software Engineering

What we do:

We are a part of Veloce’s debug frontend and runtime team. We are responsible to improve the debug productivity of the users by creating software tools that help in debug of user designs.

What you will do (your responsibilities):

  • You will be a part of the team that works on Veloce's debug and runtime system.
  • Your primary responsibility will be designing, developing, troubleshooting and debugging software programs.
  • You will have technical ownership of Power Estimation front end tool for Veloce called the Activity Plot along with some other runtime aspects of the Veloce software.
  • You will be expected to build high performance and highly reliable software and deliver high quality software on schedule.
  • You will be required to contribute to the product in many other ways like technology reviews and code reviews of self and others.
  • For doing your duties you will be required to collaborate and communicate regularly with various other R&D teams.
  • As a part of the team you will interact with various stakeholders like the QA, field and customers across time zones.

Job Qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s/Masters degree in Computer science/Electronics/Communications/Information Technology from reputed engineering institute.

2. At least three years of experience in writing production quality code and hands-on debugging

3. Proficient in C++/C and object oriented concepts.

4. Proficient with data structures, algorithms, and systems architecture concepts.

5. Knowledge of performance and application testing.

6. Ability to work effectively under pressure in a dynamic environment.

7. Good verbal and written communication skills.

8. Experience in Linux (or UNIX) preferred.

9. Experience with GUI technologies like Qt or Tk will be a great plus.